Hi, I’m Taylor

I was born in Texas and raised in Sundre, Alberta. When I moved to Calgary to attend SAIT for their culinary arts program I began to understand that the kitchen was a playground for me to explore my creative side and I began to pour love into each meal I was creating. It was there that I developed a love of food and a desire to share my passion with others.

It wasn’t long after graduating that I was diagnosed with a chronic illness which made it so that I was unable to enjoy a lot of the food I had grown to love. Through years and years of testing and trying new things I was able to reduce the inflammation in my body and start to heal. It made me realize the profound impact that healthy food has on our overall well being and spiritual happiness. This knowledge together with my tricky food allergies and never-satisfied sweet tooth led me to create Sweet T’s.

Sweet T’s provides delicious foods and snacks made from real ingredients that are paleo, vegan, ethically sourced and without any preservatives or fillers. Just the good stuff. I believe that healthy eating should not feel limited and that everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy snack that will not only nourish their minds and bodies, but taste great as well. I’ve always felt food has this special ability to bring people together, I hope that when you enjoy one of our snacks you feel it too.

– Taylor Stroud